Copy And Content Play A Major Role In Communication


The power of technology and the internet has made it pretty impossible for people of the (now last) decade to not be bombarded with information. From social media to sixty-word news apps, to advertising slogans becoming our jingle while driving to work, content is thrown at us every single day in new creative ways. How else would you know that your regular shampoos have sulphate and apparently they aren’t good for you? Or reiterate the idea that every friend is important (har ek friend zaroori hota hai). Hence, talk more, since your service provider is backing you up.

Advertising is more than just convincing you to buy their product anymore. “Netflix and chill” (although not an ad slogan), which was earlier a subtle hint towards an intimate date, has now become the anthem of this generation. Today content does not remain as an alien concept, but consumers interact with it and make it their own phenomenon. Brands and their creative teams work together to not just give you what they have, but start a conversation regarding everything under the sun. And this conversation does not even remain original to the brand anymore. Creative agencies have adopted a culture of inviting the people in and starting a dialogue which has changed the dynamics of communication.

Today, the content on the internet about an 80-year old couple not finding the means to run their eatery in Delhi during the pandemic gives platforms like Zomato to place them in the limelight. We look forward to the Amul girl’s witty takes on important events. Or Durex’s clever take on everything that somehow boils down to sex. Truly, if we were to look back to this age down in the future, the conversations through copy and content alone would become the ideal cultural time capsule.