Importance of Environment graphics

Your space is Uber cool

That’s the importance of Environment graphics

Imagine walking into an office for a meeting, only to see an empty lobby and blank white walls. How would you feel? Would you think that you were in the right place? Environmental graphic speaks with its environment and communicates with others so that the colors have direct impact on things, places, and many things and will be caused attraction. Environmental graphic makes space and living environment more beautiful, more joyful and gives the urban environment order and consistency. It can include vinyl, cut out letters, illumination, paint, wallpaper, frame and the list goes on.

From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics lining the walls to modern-day floor-to-ceiling murals in lobbies, environmental graphic design has been prevalent all throughout history, including in schools, corporate, museums, retailers, airports and more.

The use of branding and graphics in the design of a space has become a vital aspect of the workplace design process. With the increasing importance of brand and office culture, we are seeing a number of clients looking to enhance their office space by utilizing strong graphic elements, and adopting company branding in as many ways as they can.

What is Environmental Graphic Design?

Environmental Graphic Design — sometimes known as experimental graphic design — But Environment Graphic Design is so much more than just the layout of a office or the frames on a wall; its goal is to affect how people find to interact and feel when they are in a space.

Some of the accepted Environmental Graphic Designs:

  • Way finding Solutions
  • Wall, Ceiling & Floor Graphics
  • Digital Signage
  • Window & Door Films
  • Backlit Displays
  • Interactive Display

The Importance of Environmental Design

The impact of design on experience and found that “the design of physical space proves to have a significant impact on the quality of people’s experience.” Branding also works to establish a company culture through defining the space. Clever design maintains consistency while creating spaces that feel unique. This is the case with many multi-site companies, where the design needs to connect spaces across the world. Through integration of company branding, color palettes and styling, each office maintains a connection to one another, while at the same time these elements can be used differently to make each space feel unique.

    • People who said that the spaces they visited were “extremely well designed”
    • People are more likely to share their experience about unique design in office, store, etc…

What Makes Great Environmental Graphic Design?

Knowing the importance of environmental graphic design is one thing — but understanding the factors that go into a great design is something different. First, it’s important to understand about company or product and their point of view.

Once the experience is determined, the following factors are considered to have the most significant impact on experience:

    • Attractive: The first impression of their environment will affect how they perceive the products/services offered
    • Uniqueness: The “wow” factor is a great way to engage people with your space. Unique areas are more likely to be remembered and recommended to everyone.
    • Accuracy: Places that honor and share their history while communicating their brand and mission through design aspects are perceived to be trustworthy and genuine.
    • Motivation: Workplaces should motivate people to succeed, whether it’s the employees or visitors.

Environmental Graphic Design 2 Key Tips

    • Color: The psychology of color tells us that the shades we’re surrounded by can have a significant effect on our mood. All colors have their own psychology, we can use color according to business, product
    • Creativity: As mentioned above, uniqueness is a great way to make a lasting impression. Show off your uniqueness, whether you’re an independent retail shop or a new startup company in a big city.
    • Next time, when you drop in any business or office space keep an eye on what’s there in environment graphic and making you delighted.