The Importance Of Brand Guidelines


Brand guidelines should really be used as a tool to keep brand consistent. Whether business is large or small, brand guidelines are important to helping brand to work effectively. Without these guidelines, brand message can change at any point just because a logo was used inappropriately or because someone didn’t know to how to use.

Brand Guidelines communicate a variety of things about brand, both internally to the organization or business, as well as externally to partners, affiliates and the general public. Brand guidelines are a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand.

  • Brand identity (mission, core values, personality, nature, field, etc.)
  • Brand assets and the appropriate use of them (logo, color palette, typeface, spacing, backgrounds, etc.)

Also brand guidelines are a very useful resource when re-branding starting a new company as a way of communicating with current and prospective customers within your target audience.

Why Important - 4 Reasons:

  1. 1. Uniformity

    Every time someone visits website, sees your business card, or receives marketing material from company, they receive a perception of company outside of the content they actually consume. It becomes possible to communicate a consistent brand identity.

    Uniformity is important in making brand recognizable and reliable. It ultimately communicates that brand takes pride in the details.

  2. 2. Setting Standards and Rules

    Brand guidelines are composed of rules on how to use brand’s visual elements. These rules will include when to use a logo, how to space the logo, and the color and typography.

    You probably know your brand’s identity inside and out, but a new employee or associates may not. Brand guidelines are a valuable tool for everyone to keep brand consistent.

  3. 3. Noticeable & Focused

    Keeping brand consistent allows it to be more immediately noticeable within industry and target audience. Building a noticeable brand can take a lot of time, but brand guidelines plays major role for this. Brand guidelines help you aim your business’s interests with your intended audience.

  4. 4. Value

    Brand manual increases the brand’s perceived value. It allows brand to appear more professional and reliable. Brand guidelines are easier to maintain the quality and integrity of brand image.

What is Included in Brand Guidelines?

Identity & its Elements

The Identity is the face of any organization. This speaks about trade and the detailed description why we have used this symbol, elements, fonts & color.


How logo should be displayed in different format is an important part of guidelines. This could include size restrictions, which colors to use, and how logo should be displayed on different backgrounds. Sometimes it can be beneficial to show how logos should NOT be displayed–seeing logo stretched in odd ways or put on difficult-to-read backgrounds is not ideal.

Color Palette

These are the colors that make up brand. It can be wise to not use too many color options. Brand guidelines should include RGB and CMYK color codes, also if used any pantone color, so colors stay consistent between web and print formats.


Brand guidelines will include typefaces and families, font for brand uses.

What should brand guidelines include?

Brand guidelines are a representation of what your brand should look and sound like to the public so they need to include everything that you value:

  • A mission statement
  • Fonts
  • Heading sizes
  • Logo color
  • Alternate logos
  • Color pallets