Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

One of the most underrated aspects of reading is its ability to actively engage a person into their own thought process. Unlike television or any other visual media format, where the consumption of the content becomes slightly passive after a point of time, reading makes the process of information exchange much more conscious. One reads further, actively, sentence after sentence, making sense of the various ideas/theories/concepts/news/stories, to build their own (what we would like to call) ‘bubble of understanding’.

This bubble of understanding is of course, not just limited to reading. It keeps getting filled up with all the information that is thrown at you through cinema, radio, even video games. So where does reading fit into all of this? And how is it any different from all these other kinds of media? What is the difference between reading an Instagram post and a National Geographic Magazine? And who are these well-read folks who are casually brought to our attention by our peers, colleagues, and most importantly our parents?

Too many questions, we know. But one does have to agree that even in an age wherein technology has made communication possible and interesting through so many different formats, reading continues to be the bully whose contribution to this bubble of understanding is far more respected than the rest. It is possibly one of the only ways which forces one to imagine, to empathize, to understand, what one can’t hear and see. Given the world we live in, anything not audio-visual that makes you empathetic, knowledgeable and imaginative is a powerful tool at hand. Most importantly, reading becomes this powerful tool, because one chooses to be all of this. Instead of passively feeling and receiving, you actively read and feel.

Benefits of Reading:

  • 1. Reading changes Mindset
  • 2. Reading teaches patience and perseverance
  • 3. Reading Improves Vocabulary, Speaking and Writing
  • 4. Reading helps us feel understood
  • 5. Reading gives you peace
  • 6. Reading teaches you Humanity
  • 7. Reading makes you walk into other person shoes
  • 8. Reading helps you escape the Reality
  • 9. Reading Improves Imagination
  • 10. Reading is the best hobby